models and sizes

The Raidho DeskTopper comes in three (3) model configurations and five (5) standard heights. However, our design does allow for a fair amount of customisation to base frame dimensions and work top size and colour. – Please contact us about any special requirements you have.


Standard Model (SM)desktopper-2

The SM range has a base frame size of W 340 x  L 340 mm. The worktop size is about 600 x 600 mm. This model is intended for use with notebook or tablet sized equipment only. Whilst this unit can accommodate a static load of up to 100kg we do not recommend the SM model to be used with large sized monitors or heavy all in one computers.




Standard PC Model (SM-PC)desktopper-4

The SM-PC range has a larger base frame size of W 440 x L 440 mm and a worktop sized about 600 x 700 mm. This model has been specifically designed to support PC and Mac users who utilise larger monitors with a full size keyboard and mouse. This model is also for people who prefer a larger work top in general.






Three in One – TiO Models TiO S and TiO Ldesktopper-3

Our TiO models cater for 3 different working heights. This is achieved by rotating the base frame either 90 degrees to the back or to the side.  Depending on the selected height the base sizes will range from 440 x 340 mm to 290 x 240 mm. Tops are 600 x 600 mm. These units can be utilised by more than on user and/or for use on different height desks/tables.  This model is ideal for workplaces with casual staff and or visitors who may only need a stand up at work solution for intermittent periods. As with the SM model the TiO models should only be used with notebook or tablet type equipment.



Note: Standard work top finish for all models are either timber or white. Other finishes can be supplied on request.


DeskTopper Size / Model Selection Table

A portable, cost effective and ergonomic stand-up at work solution

Calculated Height Range    (in mm)

Corresponding Model Number To Order
 over 490 Please Order Custom Size Version
436 – 490 SM or SM-PC 390 TiO L
381 – 435 SM or SM-PC 340 TiO S
326 – 380 SM or SM-PC 290
266 – 325 SM or SM-PC 240
210 – 265 SM or SM-PC 190
 under 210 Please Order Custom Size Version


Instructions on how to work out the correct Raidho DeskTopper size and model based on the diagram and table:

  1. Standing up straight with one upper arm parallel to the body and the lower arm angled at 90° measure the height from the floor you are standing on to the underside of the elbow = ‘Measurement  A’ (Floor to Elbow Height in millimeters)
  2. Measure the height of the desk/table from the floor to the top of the desk/table top = ‘Measurement B’ (Floor to Desk Top Height in millimeters)
  3. Calculate the required full DeskTopper height by subtracting ‘Measurement A’  from ‘Measurement B’ (A-B)
  4. Find the correct Raidho DeskTopper model by matching the calculated value height value with the corresponding range in the ‘Calculated Height Range’ column in the model selection table above.
  5. Decide what type of model and desktop colour you require (e.g. Sm; SM-PC or TiO) and place your order via the ‘Buy’ page.

Example: (Measurement A) 995 mm – (Measurement B) 730 mm = 265 mm. This means that in line with the matching height value range in the table above (e.g. 261-325) the Raidho DeskTopper models SM 240, SM-PC 240 or TiO S will suit the required working height.

Alternatively try our model selector tool below. Enter your measurements A and B into green fields. Click into the relevant field and enter your measurement and when done hit ‘Enter’ on your keyboard. You will be shown which model to consider for your measurements.