A portable, cost effective and ergonomic stand-up at work solutionThe Raidho DeskTopper base is made from light yet strong and  durable anodized aluminium. In the configurations currently offered the frame has a static load capacity of up to 100kg, yet weighs less than 1kg.

The work top is made from 16 mm thick MDF, fully laminated and edged to assure good looks and durability. Standard work top colours are white or timber look finish.

However as part of the customisation option we can offer work tops covered with any commercially available finish / colour.  This is especially useful if the Raidho DeskTopper needs to match an existing desk top colour or office décor. The combined weight of the frame and top is only 5 kg.  The Raidho DeskTopper features small rubber feet that ensure it does not slide around on a smooth surface, thus assuring a stable work surface.

The Raidho DeskTopper work top can be easily attached or removed from the frame for easy transportation and storage. – No tools are needed!

Despite its strength and stability we strongly recommend that no heavy items weighing more than 3kg are placed less than 75 mm from the edge perimeter of the Raidho DeskTopper.

The Raidho DeskTopper stand up desk converter has been designed in and is made in Australia by Raidho Solutions.

Some Typical Usage Examples

Raidho DeskTopper Typical Example 1

Raidho DeskTopper Typical Example 2

Raidho DeskTopper Typical Example 3