10 good reasons for choosing a Raidho DeskTopper™ over other stand up desk products:

  1. Simple and compact design catering for all fixed height requirements at an affordable price.
  2. Facilitates standing and sitting modes of work at an existing desk, table or bench ‘side-by-side’ instead of ‘up-down’ mode.
  3. Light weight, yet very strong and solid construction (only weighs ~ 6 kg).
  4. Can carry a static load of up to 100 kg meaning that the user can lean on the Raidho DeskTopper™ without it flexing, moving or wobbling.
  5. No moving parts and mechanisms to jam up or fail.
  6. Easy assembly / dis-assembly of work top to frame without any tools enables easy storage and portability.
  7. Solid, single level worktop in choice of colours.
  8. Creates extra storage space on your desk.
  9. Caters for multiple uses such as computer work, writing, drawing, laboratory work, art & crafts, coffee table, etc.
  10. Affordable, customizable and made in Australia using Australian sourced materials.


The Background Story About the Raidho DeskTopper – By Rainer Busch

Early in my working life I performed most of my daily work standing up. This contributed greatly to my physical health and fitness. After moving into work that required much sitting for lengthy periods, I soon started to feel sluggish and unfit. Back problems and weight gain became an issue over time and my blood sugar levels started to rise to an unhealthy level.

I was subsequently advised by our family doctor to make some lifestyle changes. This included a healthier diet and more exercise. A Podiatrist told me to spend as much time as possible upright because a human body in a standing position will not store fat. This prompted me to research the health effects of prolonged sitting vs standing and very soon I was looking for relevant stand up at work solutions. Unfortunately none of the products on offer met my requirements. I needed something that was simple to use, affordable and that I could place on my existing desk without major modifications. I wanted to work on my computer standing up and still be able to perform some tasks sitting down; preferably side by side.

Unable to find the right product I designed and built my own. Testing it over many months I found that this solution worked so well that I now hardly ever sit at my desk anymore. However, as much of my work is performed from client’s premises I also needed a portable stand up solution. This need resulted in the present DeskTopper design. Some colleagues and friends agreed to trial the product and after their very positive feedback we decided to commercialise the current DeskTopper range and make the Raidho DeskToppers available for purchase through Raidho Solutions.

There is no doubt in my mind that working standing up is greatly contributing to my ongoing good health and fitness. I feel much more alert and having lost some weight via an exercise program I have been able to maintain this weight and my blood sugar levels remain normal. Please refer to some of the links below for articles supporting the benefits of standing up at work.


Resources – Here is some published material on the subject on standing at work