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Introducing the
Raidho DeskTopper

Standing Desk

From only A$ 150.00 (incl 10% GST) the Australian designed and made Raidho DeskTopper is a top value ergonomic stand up at work solution.  The Raidho DeskTopper is light, portable, strong and stable. Our product range has been designed to easily convert an existing desk, table or bench into a customized stand up desk.

Raidho DeskToppers are for people who want to improve their overall well being and productivity by spending less time sitting and more time standing.

The compact size of the Raidho DeskTopper enables users to maximize their work surface for both, standing and sitting, side by side. The Raidho DeskTopper also opens up a ‘third dimension’ allowing extra storage between your desk’s surface and the Raidho DeskTopper work top.

There are currently 3 models in the Raidho DeskTopper range to cater for notebook, tablet,  PC and many other uses.  Please check out our model range on the ‘sizes’ page.

A Raidho DeskTopper can be used in many office, workshop, laboratory and home settings; it can even serve as a coffee table. – Join our growing group of satisfied customers. – “Buy yourself a Raidho DeskTopper!”

Interested in a free product trial? – Just contact us.


 NEW Product – Best value Australian made Anti Fatigue Mats

Rectangle Mat with Test_small

Check out our Australian made Anti Fatigue Mats. Tough and durable, they are manufactured from recycled car tires. These mats are great for anybody who spends extended periods standing. Our Anti Fatigue Mats provide just the right cushioning to improve personal comfort levels. – From A$ 33.00 (incl GST)

Is sitting ‘killing’ you?

Discover why we developed the Raidho DeskTopper and find some published material on the subject of standing vs sitting at work.

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What some of our customers are saying about the Raidho DeskTopper


“I highly recommend the Raidho DeskTopper. I purchased one several months ago and use it regularly for several activities including:

Skype or phone conversations where I need to access my laptop whilst being on the phone. Being able to stand up and talk as well as work with my PC is so helpful to my body- especially my lower back which like many people’s has some problems.

General PC work. What is so great is that I can use the Raidho DeskTopper for a couple of hours which helps my back, posture and gives me energy. Then I can quickly dismantle the DeskTopper and work seated at my desk for a while and change again to using the product. It takes only a few minutes to set up and put it away. I really value its flexibility and ease of assembly.

I find it a great support for my back and it helps me be more productive at work and focused on my priorities.”

Rod Steele

Founder and Coach

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I’m enjoying using my Raidho DeskTopper. It allows me to work effectively on my computer while maintaining a good body posture and I like its versatility. When I need to, I can even use it as a table in addition to a stand for my computer. It’s sturdy yet light-weight and so easy to use.

Maria Pantalone

Managing Director

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“Just to let you know that our DeskToppers arrived on Friday and we have set them up and I love mine!!! – Many thanks.”


“I have had my DeskTopper now for over three months and all is going well. This is a great affordable innovation.

Samantha Miles

Publishing Manager

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